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Jeff-Paul Fartman (1712-1844, Culture: Mixed - Whimpuss/Stroyd) was a prominent admiral for the Flugborg star nation and is credited with inventing the mysterious sling-warp maneuver. He was known as a tea-drinking lover of war poetry with a keen understanding of battle physics in deep space environments. Historical accounts of the period strongly suggest that Jeff-Paul had an obsession with collecting hair from beings across the galaxy.

Early Life

Jeff-Paul was the son of Horfiss and Dredra Fartman, a low-level solar engineer and a common engine forger, respectively. Wanting a better life for their son, Horfiss and Dredra sold their modest house to enlist Jeff-Paul into Flugborg Navigational Academy IV. Jeff-Paul excelled in space travel studies and advanced physics. He graduated at the top of his class and was immediately recruited by the Flugborg Galactic Navy as a Velocity Specialist to Admiral Klester J. Bangs. In a matter of years, Jeff-Paul became lieutenant-commander of the S.C. Brohan.

During the 1362 Skirmishes of Flethoon, Jeff-Paul executed a tactical maneuver that routed an entire fleet of Stroyd Destroyers. Masterful calculations of velocity, gravitational pull, and timing drew the enemy Stroyd ships into a star's bursting flares. The victory promoted Jeff-Paul to Admiral and laid the groundwork for sling-warp calculations.


In 1378, during a tactical retreat from Zopford pirate ships, Admiral Fartman executed a sling-warp – a technique of the highest skill and a feet that ushered in the era of warp travel. Sling-warping requires a space-craft to speed towards a black hole, star, or large stellar body and dip into the edges of its strong gravitational pull. The vessel would build velocity from riding on the gravitational curve and then break from its pull, launching forward with boosted speeds.

Admiral Fartman single-handedly evaded enemy crafts and provided a window into the future of deep-space travel.


Historical accounts from prostitutes, spies, and government scribes indicate that Admiral Fartman had an obsession with long, flowing hair. He frequented the Fooch planets and forcibly shaved the heads of natives, whose hair was known to be the finest in the galaxy. Some accounts claim that Admiral Fartman created a highly stylish wig for himself, known as Fartman's Periwig, which he would reportedly wear in his private quarters.


Many prominent institutions throughout the galaxy dedicate their works to Jeff-Paul Fartman:

  • The Fartman Institute (cadet training academy)
  • Fartman Memorial Beltway
  • The Fartman Dream Fund (university scholarship)
  • The Great Fartman Memorial
  • Fartman Fuels (fuel company)