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Type: Planet
Sector: Stroyd
Atmosphere: Oxygen-based
The only IGG planet permitted to
have no laws. "Anything goes."

Anarcho is the only planet in IGG territories that is intentionally lawless. With the official planetary motto of "Anything goes," this Stroyd sector destination allows adult beings to experience any vice, crime, or depravity to any extent they choose at their own risk. Illegal drugs and weapons may be purchased on the planet and cannot be beamed down.

To keep criminals from exploiting the planet as a dumping grounds for their activity, all beings who want to beam down must provide IGG citizen identification, comply to a ship "frisk", and give their fully sober consent to owning all consequences of their actions. It is customary to have at least a rudimentary will prepared prior to entry, lest the IGG assume ownership of ships and personal property upon death. Then, after paying the "Anarcho Liberty Fee," beings may beam to the planet and are not allowed to record anything that happens.

Since the planet's inception, there have been approximately 300,000 deaths on Anarcho per galactic year. The majority of which are beings seeking to commit to suicide "in a blaze of glory." Many illegal recordings leak from Anarcho despite rules against it.


Anarcho was a planet chosen to be revitalized as a lawless place following its evacuation and destruction during the galactic Nacho Wars. Article 45.7 of the Infinity Treaty formally grants the creation of Anarcho and recognizes it as the only place without laws in the IGG.

The high tensions surrounding the Nacho Wars peace talks spilled into the public domain, pitting IGG loyalists against rebel sympathizers across IGG territories. Murders and assaults were spiking as many in the galaxy seethed from loss, pain, and injustice they felt from the long, bloody conflict. Fearing civil unrest, the IGG allowed war-torn Anarcho to serve as a destination for conflicts to be settled by blood, legally.

Critics of Anarcho point out that the planet may serve as nothing more than a violent, hedonistic suicide factory, as many visitors never intend on beaming back up. However, data from Galactopol notes a modest decrease in violent crimes across the galaxy following the establishment of Anarcho; though some cosmo-sociologists assert that such figures are merely an expected pattern following any major conflict.

Notable References

Anarcho Champion – Each galactic year, Anarcho holds a deadly free-for-all competition that allows beings to fight to the death for the title of Anarcho Champion, the galaxy's deadliest killer. Some beings train their entire lives to compete, though only one is permitted to survive.

Chug Rames – Current reigning Anarcho Champion, who has held the title for the past six years. A master of stealth, hand-to-hand grappling, and long-range shooting, Chug is considered to be the deadliest being in the galaxy.