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Release Info
Group: Rocktilia

Horn Attack


Rear Kick

Although the Avoot thrives in rocky terrains and active volcanic areas with rich deposits of ores and crystals, many gather and nest around ship crash sites and junk fields. Known as the galaxy’s natural scrappers, these Rocktilia have mineral-digesting bacteria in their saliva and extremely course tongues that allow them to slowly lick and dissolve scrap metals, ores, crystals, and corroded junk. It takes an Avoot as long as two days feel fed from licking mineral compounds, after which they seek a mate until hungry again. Vulnerable when they eat, Avoot rely on their geo-shells for protection, which grow stronger from prolonged mineral intake.

Adult Form

The mark of a grown Avoot is the deep brown hue of its geo-shell, which is formed from skin cells that are able to crystallize ingested minerals into a rock-like exterior. About half of their body weight is from this shell alone. Avoot are shy and non-aggressive, and prefer to flee or curl into their shells when threatened. Once mature, they are one of the most sexually active animals in galaxy.

Youth Form

Young Avoot have pale green and blue geo-shells that harden as they suckle mineral milk from their mother’s teat. They burrow under their parents bodies when danger is present, relying on the adult’s geo-shell for protection.

Notable Avoot's