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Though the Pact of the Righteous brought peace to much of the galaxy, Galactic psychologists believe that a new war had begun: one for the hearts and minds of Galactic beings. Who should they follow? What should they believe? Legend goes that the ChimCham neo-culture formed on planet Elvore in Chattilda Chafforth's boardroom. Chattilda was CEO of a modest marketing agency that found explosive success when it promoted counterculture celebrity preacher Glondosus Bo. The fact that IGG entities abhorred the gentle preacher only rocketed his status and influence. Chattilda played both sides of the coin, surging marketing efforts for Bo as well as covert campaigns against him, which were funded handsomely by IGG coffers.

By 2090, Chattilda purchased and developed nearly all real estate available on Elvore and created a corporate philosophy called ChimCham, where the dual sciences of celebrity (Chim) and marketing (Cham) combine in perfectly balanced measure to create galactic influencers. Employing millions working to study, enhance, and leverage her philosophies, Chattilda churned out popular culture celebrities. She was a kingmaker. And she knew many power-seeking beings aspired to be like her.

By the time of her death in 2155, she had illusions of being a deity and had succeeded in creating a culture in and of itself: the ChimCham. This way of life valued tastemaking and charisma, where one's purpose was to market their skills and grow in influence. The ChimCham understand the importance of appearance and perception, cultivating their own personal and physical attributes to boost their likability and brand. While others may critique the zealous pursuit of self image, the ChimCham believe they are growing the best parts of themselves and showing others how to do the same.


ChimCham are aggressive networkers and generally maintain outgoing personalities. Cosmetic surgery is common and encouraged among ChimCham, making them some of the most attractive beings in the galaxy. From an early age, they are taught philosophies of fashion and charm and they strive to perfect smiling and laughing for a number of contexts: professional, social, family, sports, and more. Appearance is strategy. A smile holds the key to first impressions and, perhaps more importantly, can easily disarm. ChimCham seek to master conversation and dialogue, and actively study how other cultures speak and think. Some view the ChimCham as seedy and manipulative, teaming with Zopford financiers to grow illegal markets in being-trafficking and pornography.

Masters of entertainment, ChimCham own or operate the galaxy's major sporting venues and casino complexes. They consult for night clubs, strip clubs, and VIP events across the galaxy, strategizing ways their clients can compete for exclusivity and media spotlight.

Social Customs

Example Male Names: Choseph, Cheeves, Chentley
Example Female Names: Chaylee, Chessica, Chagueline
Example Family Names: Chaylor, Charmstrong, Chammerson

"Chay ho!" is the common greeting among ChimCham, and "Choy" is its response. This salutation originally grew out of a family-friendly radio ad for microwavable kelp-and-cheese bowls and, due to its catchy jingle, is now commonly used across the galaxy. Early on, the cult of personality that formed around Chattilda Chafforth borrowed her affinity for the "ch" sound, which she believed was "the punchy sound that defines the bursts of significance in life's otherwise predictable rhythm". The ChimCham incorporated that sound into their lives, culture, and names, publishing a popular name catalog that many ChimCham still reference today.

ChimCham reach adulthood with a ceremony called Unbelievable Prom, wherein teenage ChimCham perform in local talent shows to show off the hard work they put into developing their personal charisma and charm. These community events are part of a planetary celebration to crown a group of five Unbelievable Starlings each year. The Unbelievable Five typically reach a minor level of celebrity fame or reality stardom. Among the galaxy's cultures, ChimCham have some of the highest rates of Space Madness and existential anxiety.

Arts and Architecture

Beauty pageants aside, ChimCham show an eclectic taste in art. They form many of the galaxy's top art collectors, understanding how important it is to accept the galaxy's many definitions of art in order to curate influence. More personally, ChimCham revel in fashionable expression. In fact, many ChimCham opt to buy the raw materials necessary for clothes and then design and sow it themselves to maximize the exposure of their personal brands. The yearly ChimCham fashion expo, Majesty Dress Ultimate, rivals top sporting championships as the most watched event in the galaxy each year.

Architecture has a deeply rooted emphasis on the crescent or "C" shape, and building designs revel in the illusion of impossibility. Skyscrapers that swirl upwards, crescent moon homes, and curved hulls with bright windows. ChimCham borrow Gryzgola engineering techniques to design and build cutting-edge corporate headquarters for major businesses in the galaxy.

Famous ChimCham

Chattilda Chafforth — Marketing Leader and Founder of ChimCham
Charther Chooch — Fashion Icon and Designer
Chayden C. Charber — Celebrity Host and DJ Chodd Chanchez III — News Reporter Chylee Chawnsed — Marketing Psychologist