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Type: Planet
Sector: ChimCham
Atmosphere: Oxygen-based
The capital of ChimCham culture.
Owned by Elvore Marketing™.

Elvore is a planet owned by Elvore Marketing™ and is the capital of ChimCham culture. As a company-owned planet, Elvore employs millions to collect, store, filter and sell marketing data on anybody and everybody as well as manage massive-scale marketing efforts for businesses and individuals. Ethics watchdogs consistently cite Elvore’s lack of scrutiny when it comes to spreading misinformation, conspiracies and falsehoods.

It is common knowledge that Elvore, as a planet and company, has close ties to the IGG, offering the galactic government access to its data servers in exchange for legislative favors. While many beings bemoan this dynamic, most have accepted an unsavory reality that has lasted for centuries: their personal preferences and information are beyond their reach to secure and protect.


Chattilda Chafforth was founder and CEO of a modest marketing agency on planet Elvore that found explosive success when it promoted counterculture celebrity preacher Glondosus Bo. Chattilda eventually played both sides of the coin, surging marketing efforts for Bo as well as covert campaigns against him, which were funded handsomely by IGG coffers. This explosive profiteering afforded Chattilda to exponentially expand her company’s empire.

By the early Identification Era, Chattilda purchased and developed 76% of real estate available on Elvore and formally established Elvore Marketing™ as a planet-company. Overseeing an entire society, she created and promoted a philosophy and corporate culture called ChimCham, where the dual sciences of celebrity (Chim) and marketing (Cham) combine in perfectly balanced measure to create effective galactic influencers.

Notable References

Chattilda Chafforth – Founder and CEO of Elvore Marketing; founder of the ChimCham culture.