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Feexes are pack Bloodvorines that hunt and stalk in groups of three or more, with an alpha Feex leading the group. Though relatively small predators, their agility and communication make them formidable threats. The Feex's piercing call can travel great distances, prompting nearby Feexes of the same clan to respond to a cry of fear, danger, or opportunity. While Feexes typically prey on Ancient Rodents and Rocktilia, they have also been seen taking down a Vuvond. Feexes prosper in arid climates and rocky topographies, their black and brown fur blending to the hues of dry landscapes.

Adult Form

Atypical of most predators, adult Feexes rely on their long, sensitive ears to guide them in sensing movement sounds and noises made by ground- or rock-dwelling creatures. As they mature, they learn to crane their heads towards the ground to better sense sounds that may lead to the next meal. For example, Feexes can lay their ears on the ground and hear the low rumble of a Vuvond stampede from large distances. When a confrontation arises, Feexes are savvy fighters and typically know when they're outmatched or hold the advantage.

Youth Form

Feex pups are born with white fur that darken as they age. Yippy and hyper, young Feex become easy prey when they wander off from their home pack. Though there have been hundreds of attempts to domesticate a Feex as a commercial pet, young Feex grow extremely depressed and refuse to eat when separated from their kind.

Notable Feexes

  • Holy Feexes of Fragoom - A pack of legendary Feexes that saved the ancient, Sailing Age Stroyd capital of Fragoom from a surprise invasion. According to lore, a pack of Feexes howled through the streets of Fragoom during an especially cloudy night, which awakened the city's security forces. The Feexes could hear the low rumble of aerial frigates hiding in the night fog, which was otherwise imperceptible to the Spu denizens. If it wasn't for the Feexes alarm, Fragoom would not have been able to prepare its defenses in time to repel the ambush.