Galactic Cultures

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Cultures have risen, fallen, and assimilated throughout the simulation's long history. They developed in the The Enchanted Period and The Sailing Age, but warp travel sparked cultural blending across the galaxy. Seven historic cultures within the simulation pervaded to current times, spreading significant legacies and traditions.


Masters of trade and commerce, the Zopford culture rose to prominence from their sophisticated economic networks that dictated the rise and fall of entire industries and markets. Zopford leaders knew that every being wanted something – they just had to name a price.


Cold atmospheres hardened Gryzgola cultural perspectives: eat, forge, sleep, outlast. Rapid technological advancements during The Sailing Age and beyond can be credited to the tenacious scientists and indomitable engineers that lived by the Gryzgola work ethic.


Ancient historians recorded how "Quash! Stroyd! Quash!" boomed and echoed before battles and after victories. The early Stroyd warlords studied conflict as a survival strategy and understood everything about galactic warfare and planetary combat – except surrender.


Chay ho, baby! Charisma oozed from the ChimCham, past tastemakers of art and entertainment. They learned early on that the power of celebrity, focused with marketing, could shape perceptions anywhere in the galaxy.


During the Porpino Dynasty and The Pact of the Righteous, the Whimpis culture perfected self deprecation and gained political clout. Whimpis priests and missionaries disarmed opponents with meek and holy manner only to manipulate and twist the meaning of righteousness to their will. Even if that meant holy war.


The forces of the simulated world shape life itself. Druidic lore-keepers founded the Djem'beek culture and advanced its capacity to decrypt the codes controlling simulated beings. Tomes of environmental study and observation ushered in the Identification Era.


To "pitch potch" means to clear a path towards wisdom and healing. Aided by their herb, Potch gurus reasoned and theorized at the highest conceptual levels, permeating impregnable philosophies across the galaxy – especially after The Nacho Wars.