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Snout Whip


Hind Kick

Glondosus thrive in cooler climates and have been known to dwell on cold moons and asteroids. Most Glondosus consume brittle quartz and ore by chewing them into powder and snorting them through their trunk-like snouts, digesting the trace mineral nutrients in extremely acidic stomachs. Interestingly, the Glondosus has the most powerful bite force in the animal kingdom. Ancient Stroyd tribes adorned their early stone clubs with these seemingly-unbreakable Glondosus teeth to make their weapons more lethal.

Adult Form

Adult Glondosus have black plate-spikes running the length of their back, and tend to have dark coats. Despite their fearsome spikes, adults can be tamed and even ridden. These food-seekers are generally harmless. However, if their offspring are threatened or provoked, an adult Glondosus can become a dangerous adversary.

Youth Form

Youth glondosuses cannot be ridden. They have light coats, fewer plates, and are flighty and spry. During the weening period, their teeth cannot crush the harder rocks and ores and they must rely on their parents for certain mineral nutrients.

Notable Glondosus's