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Flipper Kick

Glonsch dwell near swamp waters and naturally decaying or rotting environments. They can be heard slurping algae and their putrid odor is powerful and poisonous to inhale over long periods, which serves as a natural protection against bloodvorine predators. Glonsch feces can be distilled to create some of the most fertile and effective florp in the galaxy. The colloquialism “to glonsch” has recently been recognized by a number of dictionaries as a synonym for passing gas, as in, “I was in the bathroom for a long time, but only glonsched.”

Adult Form

Adult Glonsch have powerfully rancid odors, as their leathery skin has absorbed the rotting smells of their habitats. Their fully-formed flippers act as natural snow-shoes, helping them balance their bulging bodies and spread their weight as they shimmy across quick-mud and quick-sands. Glonsch have slow temperature regulation systems and thus respond poorly to drastic climate changes. In fact, many become aggressive when their natural habitats are disturbed.

Youth Form

Youth Glonsch have pinker skin as they molt seasonally within the first three years of their lives. Poachers hunt young Glonsch for their blubber and meat, which haven’t taken in the odors of their rotting homes.

Notable Glonsch's

  • Lorshog - The monster Glonsch of an old myth where Lorshog slurps up entire rivers and seas and all the swimmers in it. Some Stroyd Sector archaeologists believe they have uncovered the flipper bone of a mega Glonsch, which may illuminate the origins of this ancient tale.