Grey-Breasted Panip

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Beak Jab


Calm Song

The Grey-Breasted Panip is the most common species of shrublark in the galaxy, appearing on most planets and moons with vegetation. Though they travel in groups, panips are difficult to capture as their large eyes can spot the slightest predatory movements. The colloquialism "alert as a panip" derives from this ability.

Adult Form

Adult panip cannot fly for long distances at a time due to their heavy beaks. Their naturally high endurance allows them to "fly-leap" across great distances on land. Adult panip have pale-colored feathers, once developed, and sing sweetly and often.

Youth Form

Paniplings are born with large eyes and their beaks are typically not strong enough to dig into dirt for ground slugs. They depend on their group for sustenance and threat detection, and have darker feathers for hiding at night.

Notable Grey-Breasted Panip's

  • Koroki Nora - The most famous Panip in current times, this "healing bird" has a complex song that is recorded and played as ambience in hospitals and nursing homes. It's song has been shown to decrease anxiety and diminish the affects of Space Madness.