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Tail Swipe

These lumbering behemoths flatten towering trees to reach the fresh canopy leaves. Their hunger moans can be heard across vast distances. Ancient texts from the Enchanted Era reveal that Djem'Beek tribes were able to train and domesticate Gussam — an art that very few remember. Though a dangerous endeavor, poachers hunt Gussam for their plated hide, which has the strength of military-grade laser armor.

Adult Form

Adult Gussam are lone creatures, separating from parents as soon as they can knock down their own trees. Their skin has mostly calcified, which darkens the hue. Though frightened easily, these animals can be extremely aggressive when they feel threatened. Many live longer than a century.

Youth Form

Younger Gussam have paler, fleshier skin. They move quicker than their giant counterparts, relying on speed to avoid predators of all kinds.

Notable Gussam's

  • Gussamlingus - The rare art of Gussam training, which in current times is rumored to be known by galactic hermits.