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As natural cave dwellers and rock climbers, Horgan thrive in the steep, craggy outcrops along mountains and canyons. With deep blue coats and keen night vision, they are nocturnal predators that leave their rocky breeding grounds to hunt Galactelope and even other Bloodvorines. Their skulls harden as they age, which allows them to take harder falls. Horgan clans are very protective of their dens and leave their feces around their caves to ward off would-be trespassers.

Adult Form

Mature Horgan develop immense upper torso and arm muscles from climbing rock faces. Their calloused hands make for deadly bludgeons. Inactive and sluggish during the day time, adult Horgan can be heard suckling on bones and snoring in their cavernous dens. At times, loud knocks echo across canyons when two alpha Horgan engage in a fierce headbutt bout for dominance. These Bloodvorines are highly aggressive around their home territories and are resourceful hunters. Though rare, Elder Horgan have been documented to live past a century.

Youth Form

Horgansters, or young Horgan, have light skin and developing eyes that are, at first, quite sensitive to day light. They are much more energetic and vocal than their fully grown counterparts, often clamoring in their dens and knocking heads with other Horgansters. Once they reach an age where they can climb on their own and cling to their parents' backs, they are taken on night hunts.

Notable Horgans

  • Zorygan Cliffs - According to Gryzgola wildlife studies, the Zorygan Cliffs on planet Gelka are home to the deadliest clan of Horgan in the galaxy. It is speculated that the microbial anomalies from the natural springs inside the cliffs stimulate increased endorphin excretion, making Horgan in the area alarmingly aggressive and even blood thirsty.