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Tail Swipe

Jazgore are considered to be apex predators in the Mugalo Galaxy. Violently fierce and aggresive, these beasts have been hunted to near extinction in IGG territories since the Porpino Dynastiy. The very few surveillance expeditions to return from the Unprotected Territories have noted the existence of Jazgore on various planets, suggesting they may have proliferated on yet-unknown worlds. While they are voracious predators, these creatures are clumsy hunters. A Jazgore's face is often mauled and marked with scares as they rely on swallowing their prey whole -- their teeth serve no digestive purpose and serve as tusks that impale impale prey and hold them in place, even when that means getting bitten, mauled, and gored as the the catch fights back in its death throes.

Adult Form

Fully grown Jazgore can weigh as much as a galactic sailing yacht and their roars can resound across vast distances. As they age, their hides mature to more vibrant shades of yellow to indicate dominance among their species. The deadliest Jazgore are the most vivid, having survived multiple bouts with rivals challenging claims to territory – virtually their only natural threat.

Youth Form

Young Jazgore have paler hides and extremely volatile dispositions. The "teething" pain of their tusks growing causes them to gore anything from natural objects to animals on a whim, as pressure on the bone helps alleviate deep aches and soreness. However, it is this obsessiveness with dulling their growth pain that trains them to be ruthless hunters, despite their clumsiness.

Notable Jazgore's

  • Figorath - The famous Jazgore behemoth from the holo-movie franchise "Marooned." Figorath appears in "Marooned I: Brute Florp" and "Marooned IV: Genital Crisis."