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Release Info
Group: Ossipods

Horn Attack


Rear Kick

Krufkis are sturdy crustaceans that proliferate on planets and moons with above- and below-ground seas and lakes. These Ossipods are one of the most adaptable creatures in the galaxy, with temperature-regulating exo-skeletons that allow them to withstand the icy depths of glacial oceans as well as the tepid waters of bays, rivers, and lakes. Though Krufkis have relatively poor long-distance vision, their three eyes can detect micro-movements of plankton and krill in the murkiest of waters.

Adult Form

Adult Krufkis develop greenish-blue hues to their exo-skeletons, which helps them blend in with many common types of underwater and coastal rocks. While they won't seek out confrontation, Krufkis have a remarkable fighting spirit. They will relentlessly attack anything they deem to be a threat, despite any mismatch in size or speed, and spar to the point of exhaustion. Krufkis lay eggs during during warm summer months, when snows melt and coastal sands warm enough to serve as nests that incubate their eggs.

Youth Form

Youth Krufkis hatch in beach sands and scuttle to nearby waters to mature. Their exo-skeletons are brittle and pale orange when they first emerge from their sand-nests, hardening and changing color by winter months. Young Krufki mature on a diet of algae and sea grass before transitioning to water bugs, krill, and plankton.

Notable Krufki's

  • JerwinDaStronk - This Krufki became a pop culture meme sensation after it was filmed attacking a dead panip on the western beach of B'munji. Notably, JerwinDaStronk fought for approximately 6 hours before it died of exhaustion. Twelve days later, more than 2 million beings tuned into the live stream of its burial beside his mortal enemy, the dead panip. There is currently a viral petition circulating to make a portion of this beach a galactic heritage site in remembrance of JerwinDaStronk.