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Release Info
Group: Graviboar

Air Blast

Electric Storm

Gravity Burn

Lorpanzas are large, floating herbavores that glide through air and space due to natural gravitational mutations. Ancient poets described them as regal, having an "air of pride, an effortless majesty." Lorpanzas use their tentacles to provide both thrust and stabilization. They feed on sugary roots and do not require oxygen, able to live without sustenance for many months. These features give them the rare ability to migrate through space, which has led their kind to populate many habitable galactic regions. Some scientists believe that Lorpanzas were used as primitive space ships (as one rides a Glondosus) by early Spu moon-hoppers during the Enchanted Period. This theory is known as Lorpanza Seed Theory.

Adult Form

Adult lorpanzas have large fists with claws for digging and tensile manes of purple tentacles. They are extremely protective of their young, but generally flee confrontation and the presence of potential threats. Easily flying away from danger, these floating Graviboar do not have natural predators, though some Lorpanza fall victim to galactic vessels sailing along major solar currents.

Scientists have been examining the neural dynamics of Lorpanzas, as they are immune to Space Madness.

Youth Form

It is very rare to encounter a youth Lorpanza without adults present. Temperamental creatures, they require constant attention and cry when ignored. Lorpanza shepherds go to great lengths to keep youth Lorpanza content, as their cries can alert predators.

Notable Lorpanza's

  • Agon Splendana - Known as The Lorpanza King, this mighty animal was hunted across vast cosmic distances and purportedly killed in the early Sailing Age by Stroyd tribes. According to the legend of Agon, a battalion of 84 Spu warriors were commissioned to return with Agon's tentacles. Only 12 survived.