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Mugalo! Welcome to The Lilith Odyssey Wiki.

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What Does Mugalo Mean?

Mugalo is a common greeting among the simulation's beings, but it could also mean "I dig that." Welcome to the wikipedia site for the PC game Lilith Odyssey. Developed by Chaystar Unlimited LLC, composed of Jun and Pate. The game is scheduled for an initial early access release in 2021. This website contains lots of information about Lilith Odyssey. Anyone can edit this wiki, even your friend Doug! And to that I say, mugalo.

Ok, but what is Lilith Odyssey?

Mugalo. Lilith Odyssey is a videogame. The Great Nacho Wars have ended. A corrupt galactic government saps life and resources from the many war-weary planets it controls. Your alien family risks everything across an open-world galactic odyssey to find a mysterious land of new beginnings. And they’re all aware of their simulated nature.

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