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Type: Planet
Sector: ChimCham
Atmosphere: Oxygen-based
Popular casino, resort, and
party destination.

Paradiso is the galaxy's most popular entertainment getaway. The planetary economy is dedicated to gambling, resorts, clubs, and general adventure park amenities for adult beings and families alike. Year to year, Paradiso holds the record as the highest-trafficked destination in IGG territories.

Investigative reports have identified a robust underbelly to Paradiso, where galactic mobs and gangs run businesses that serve as fronts for illicit gambling, prostitution, black market, and credit laundering operations. Galactopol has not made any headlining busts or crackdowns in Paradiso for four decades, leaving skeptics to claim that the planet's law enforcement has largely succumbed to bribery and corruption.


Prior to the Great Migration, Paradiso was a planet nation called Zegthon that was predominantly operated by wealthy Zopford industrialists. The little-known Zegthon was a modest shipping hub and port planet for warp crafts to refuel. Notably, it already had a significant black market presence at this time. Following the depletion of its natural carbon-based fuel resources, Zegthon's majority shares were sold at bargain rates to Elvore Marketing. The ChimCham marketing conglomerate rebranded the planet as an entertainment destination, calling it Paradiso.

Paradiso's resorts and casinos were built rapidly, with heavy involvement from the local planetary mobs. The planet soon became a frequented stop for beings eager to double their savings with gambling and purchase their migration out of IGG Territories. The many beings who lost their wealth stayed on Paradiso, eking out an existence in the booming hospitality economy.

Notable References

Dim Paradiso – a melancholy song that surprised pop culture taste-makers when it was the top-requested song for