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Spom are gangling, long-legged scavengers. Though they have the gait of a bird, their DNA more closely resembles maggots. Spom wander a number of humid and highly vegetative worlds, searching for for dead wildlife to spear and consume with their primary proboscis. Spom are capable of spewing a highly acidic spray onto unsuspecting prey. If it enters the body in any way, this slimy substance has both paralyzing and destructive consequences as the fast-acting acid breaks nerve synapses in muscles and immobilizes the victim, leaving them to to slowly starve. Shelled creatures and predators with thick hides have been observed to effectively resist this agonizing attack.

Adult Form

Adult spom are primarily green, with a blood-red proboscis and feelers that sense for easy-to-penetrate soft tissue. Most adult Spom wander alone and sleep standing up, or while leaning against a tree or boulder. In ideal conditions with an endless supply of fresh carrion, a Spom can live for centuries. Dying cell's in their body can sometimes be replenished by living ones consumed from recently-deceased creatures. Spom do not eat plants and have digestive systems that can be poisoned by chlorophyll.

Youth Form

Youth spom have shorter tails, and vibrant-colored bodies. It is not uncommon to see several youth Spom gathered around an animal carcass.

Notable Spom's

  • During the Nacho Wars, Spom often emerged at night to feast on the bodies of fallen soldiers, resulting in population booms near particular grisly battlefields.