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The Zopford culture is a neo-culture formed in the mid-Sailing Age that valued trade, commerce, and economic power. Historians credit galactic merchant Steechen Froybaham with establishing the planet Zopford as the culture's capital. Steechen funded the building of cities and trade hubs that held policies favoring mercantilism. At the time, Zopford markets held all things desired – from fine art, mercenaries, and rare minerals to fetish luxuries and cutting-edge ship tech. Zopford culture expanded rapidly in the centuries that followed, founding a new galactic way of life around the accumulation of wealth. In academic circles, most Socio-Historians attribute the Zopford culture's influence to the rise of the Poprino Dynasty.


Zopford beings are educated at an early age to understand market analysis and stock exchange theory. It is typical for Zopford parents to give an "investment" to their children when they reach the age of 14, who then use this wealth windfall to explore their budding commercial desires, like creating a startup, investment fund, or real estate portfolio. Less well off Zopford may invest in education or skill building as means for Since the risks of gambling are taught at an early age, Zopford view the activity as a legitimate hobby that can be pursued by anyone over 10. Those that lose their investments, whether by gambling or a business risk, are forced to find work that will pay for the skills they have. Approximately 38% of Zopford own or co-own a business, or pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor.

Social Customs

Male Names: Shasper, Hewis, Trupert, Wollyom
Female Names: Gabigail, Wamilda, Zarriet, Bamber
Family Names: Gelemew, Thixwicket, Bisselswitch, Pames

A trade-based perspective on life has created a barter culture in social interactions. A common greeting between Zopford is "what can I get you?", which is an earnest request to understand the purpose of a conversation or relationship that is about to take place. Indeed, Zopford dating can feel like dealmaking to some. For example, it is natural for a being to indicate a want such as "I want to kiss you" and to then receive a counter response of "then I want to know what cologne you wear." The more ardent Zopford carry this exchange-based relationship into old age, even after they have combined their fortunes with their spouses. The hyper-rich, those mostly living on resort planets, run galactic philanthropies in their spare time.

Zopford have sleek and elegant tastes in fashion and entertainment, with a heavy value on individualism. Simply put, they wear and consume the products that look well-made they personally value. Some prefer the glistening nebula-dye of ChimCham dress, while others may seek the woven garments of Potch seamstresses. Zopford brand malls, known as Beautiful Malls, serve as some of the galaxy's finest trade centers and are the culture's primary points of socialization and relaxation.

Though Zopford believe that anything may be exchanged, galactic bans on being-trafficking and drug trading do limit their business endeavors. However, Zopford criminals have orchestrated a majority of the galaxy's black markets.

Arts and Architecture

Zopford are often the producers and patrons behind the galaxy's artists. Many view art as an exchangeable good. However, during the Pact of the Righteous era, Zopford artists began to emerge who created visualizations of commerce – finely-detailed holograms of galactic trade routes, graphical representations of abstract wants (such as love), and sophisticated "reward sculptures" that convert digital credits into uniquely minted tokens.

Architecture emphasizes a mix of sleek design and comfort. Practicality meets posh. Zopford banks and malls are typically the most elegant types of buildings with gentle dips and curved features that represent the jumps and dips of the markets they serve. Corporate skyscrapers and housing complexes – which are one in the same at times – are designed in a an eye-pleasing symmetry that evokes simplicity and habitability. Where the Zopford fall short in architectural innovation they make up in beautifully-planned public parks and city centers.

Famous Zopford

Bardustus Quiddley – Economic Theorist
Zithlaw Bodge – Galaxy's First Zintillionaire
Shautha Bopwright – Inventor of Dating App: Dingles
Fargorie Zomner – Open Market Advocate
Keaston Feex – Five-Time Rocket Derby Champion